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Imagine THAT! Custom Play Town Structures

Kids Play Town by Imagine THAT Playhouses
Kids Play Town by Imagine THAT Playhouses
Kids Play Town by Imagine THAT Playhouses
Kids Play Town by Imagine THAT Playhouses
We now offer financing with Hearth for residential and commercial projects!
We don't just do residential work.  If you're needing structures or facades for your business, school, church, daycare, or museum, we can design and build almost anything you would like!  Customize any of our structures with your own dimensions and color scheme!  (Listed dimensions are approximate.)
All of our structures can be painted your choice of colors and can be customized to your specifications - larger, smaller, taller, shorter, reversed layout, custom* or swapped signage - whatever you need!  If you have a different building in mind that you'd like in your play town, we'd love to design and build it for you!

*Custom signage - $100 per sign.
Kids Play Cafe by Imagine THAT Playhouses
North Caroline Governers Mansion Playhouse by Imagine THAT Playhouses
Take a video tour of one of our
play villages!

While both our residential and commercial structures are built to our high Imagine THAT! standards, commercial structures are built to handle a much higher volume of kids and anything they can dish out!

We have built structures for play centers, children's museums, therapy facilities, hospitals, orchards, and shopping malls.  We have had structures sponsored by Regions Bank, Goodyear, the NHL Nashville Predators, and more!


"“Imagine THAT!”  The name is so fitting for Joshua and his business.  All you have to do is imagine it and Joshua turns your vision into reality.  Always keeping your costs in mind, yet willing to go the extra mile to create the details, he understands that adding the right “bling” is the secret to creating awesome playgrounds.  In addition to value and distinctive workmanship, the overall quality is superb as well!  His structures are solid as a rock.  Joshua’s passion for his product is both contagious and genuine.  Combine these qualities with the highest degree of integrity and you have the perfect craftsman for your next play set.


Imagine that!  I’m glad I did!"


~Tim C., Recess! by Charley

"Thank you to all the folks at Imagine THAT! for all of your imagination and dedication! We couldn't be happier with the result!  Photos just can't show how amazing this structure looks in person! Another wonderful creation - many thanks!"


~April V., aMuse'um

"The ribbon cutting ceremonies went great! Everyone is so very pleased with the way our playhouses turned out . . . especially the children! Thank you so much for all of your creativity and hard work!"


~Melanie A., High Hopes for Kids

"Awesome gym! It's the biggest hit in our center. Josh is amazing and tireless!"


~Walt M.

"Oh my goodness, Joshua, [the sponsors] were ECSTATIC!! They couldn’t believe how awesome they were! You KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK ON EVERY ONE OF THEM!!


Thank you doesn’t even begin to say it, but THANK YOU, Joshua!"


~Bonnie R., High Hopes for Kids

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