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Imagine THAT! Frequently Asked Questions

In case you are wondering, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions and
other information concerning our policies that you may find helpful!

Q:  How do we order?


A:  GIVE US A CALL... or email us!  That is the very first step to getting an amazing playhouse or play structure of your own!  There are a lot of details and options to discuss, and we're always happy to go over them with you until you're completely satisfied with every detail of the structure you're ordering.

Q:  Do you finance?


A:  Yes!  We are proud partners with Hearth Financing!

Q:  How do I pay?


A:  We accept payment by personal check, or any major credit card.  We require a deposit up front, and the remaining amount is due by check or credit card before installation.  We will send you an invoice for both the deposit and the final payment, and you will have the option to pay with credit card through our third party billing provider.

Q:  How long will it take for my play structure to be delivered?


A:  Contact us for our current delivery time frame.  The time varies with our order volume, and the size and complexity of the sets currently in our shop.  We will give you an estimated delivery date when you place your order. 


While we do our very best to complete orders as quickly as possible, please keep in mind that each playhouse and playset is individually built and painted, and for the best possible quality, that takes time!  Delivery dates given are approximate only, and may be changed due to weather or other factors that could hinder installation.  We will not compromise the health of our employees or risk damage to our finished products by loading, delivering, or installing in the rain.

Q:  Do you ship?


A:  No, we really don't.  Due to the involved and custom nature of our products it really is easier to deliver and install them right in your yard or at your business ourselves.  The good new is that we can offer delivery AND complete installation for less or about the same cost as shipping.

Q:  How much does delivery and installation cost?


A:  Please contact us for a delivery quote to your location.

Q:  Do you accept returns/issue refunds?


A:  No, we cannot.  We will make every possible effort to ensure that you are thrilled with your play structure, but due to the highly custom nature of our products, we cannot accept returns or issue refunds once materials have been purchased.

Q:  I would like a new, custom structure.  How does that work?


A:  The way we do customs is you give us your budget and a basic idea of what you want.  We will need to know approximate dimensions and the basic design you are looking for.  If you have pictures for inspiration or a rough sketch, that is very helpful. If you need us to draw up a sketch for you, we would be happy to that.   We will not copy other playhouse company's designs for any reason!  Their designs belong to them and not only is that unfair to them, but we work very hard to be original!

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