The BIG Playhouse XL

The BIG Playhouse XL offers all the same customizable options of our regular BIG Playhouse!  It's just bigger! (It would make a great studio or garden shed for a young-at-heart adult, too!)  Fully painted with your choice of up to three colors! Includes Playhouse Shutters and one Flower Box with Flowers!
Almost 8 ft wide x 12.5 ft deep at base (including 2.5 ft deep Front Porch), and 11.5 ft tall!
(These measurements are approximate.)
$10,685.00 - outside and inside fully painted or stained, with stained floors (playhouse only)
These are the options available for the BIG Playhouse XL...
The Attached Toy Garage - $3995.00
The Slide Platform and Ladder - $1650.00
     Add Rock Wall - $300.00
     Add Climbing Net - $400.00
     Add Staircase - $1250.00
The Loft - $750.00
The Stilts Package - $1450.00
The Playhouse Dormer - $1200.00
The Free-Standing Gable Swing Beam - $1500.00
      Add Dollhouse Scallops - $125.00
The Free-Standing Regular Swing Beam - $1100.00
The Complete Fun Package - $700.00
The Secret Passage - $600.00
Dutch Door Upgrade - $175.00
Heart-Shaped Window - $50.00
Flower Box with Flowers - $60.00 each
Dollhouse Scallops in Playhouse Gable - $125.00
Decorative Playhouse Chimney - $225.00
Working Custom Plexiglass Windows - $650.00
Custom Round Windows - No extra charge!
Cedar Shake Roofing - Custom Quote
Composite Flooring - $300.00
Please visit our Playhouse Options page for more specifics about each option listed!

The Gable Swing Beam

The inside of a BIG Playhouse XL with the Loft and The Complete Fun Package.                                                                                                                                           Phone:  770-324-9607


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