We have had the privilege of working with Make A Wish Foundation on several occasions now.  It's been an amazing experience every time. There is nothing in the world like bringing joy to a child!

Haven's BIG Playhouse


This fun and colorful playhouse was the wish of a little girl in Alabama.  She loved the bright pinks and blues, and all the fun accessories she saw on our other playhouses.  Her playhouse included aSlide Platform, the Stilts Package, and the Complete Fun Package!

Baleigh's Dollhouse


This beautiful Dollhouse was the wish of a little girl in Georgia who wanted a rainbow of colors... but no yellow!  We happily made her wish come true!


Niell's Pirate Treehouse


This amazing Pirate Treehouse was the wish of a boy in Alabama who wanted a space of his own to dream and carry out spy activies and science experiments!  We provided the playhouse and his Wish Coordinators provided the rest!


Alyssa's Dollhouse


Inspired by another Make A Wish Dollhouse she had seen, this little girl from Georgia wished for one just like it with beautiful rainbow colors and polka dots!




Jamiyah's Treehouse


This adorable Dollhouse Treehouse was wished for by a little girl in Georgia. She was dreaming of a very pink playhouse, and we were more than happy to make it happen!




Natalie's Dollhouse


This fun and colorful Dollhouse Playset was the wish of a little girl in Georgia who wanted a playhouse painted like a rainbow... with polkadots inside!  Her wish included the Complete Fun Package with an extra mailbox for her brother.




Felicia's Playhouse


This BIG Playhouse was the wish of a darling little girl in New York.  It included a Dormer, Slide Platform, Rock-Climbing Wall, Complete Fun Package, Playhouse Shutters, a Flower Box with Flowers, and Curtains!



Carly's Dollhouse


This beautiful Dollhouse was wished for by a sweet little girl in Georgia!  This Dollhouse Playset came loaded with so many fun options, and included The Complete Fun Package!

Adrianna's Playhouse


Our first opportunity to work with Make A Wish Foundation came in granting the wish of a little girl in Georgia!  This lovely little lady wished for a playhouse.  Her wish was granted with a BIG Playhouse and included a Slide Platform, The Stilts Package, The Complete Fun Package, Playhouse Shutters, and a Flower Box with Flowers!



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