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Playset Options

We LOVE to offer options!  While most of our playsets already come with great features, adding some extra options will make your child's playset truely one of a kind!
All of our playhouses and playsets come with all touchable surfaces sanded to perfection to make them safe for little hands, and exteriors painted with your choice of up to three colors.
The Loft


The Loft could easily be added to the inside of one of our large playsets! These increase the play space inside and measure approximately 6' x 3'. They are accessed by a matching ladder.

The Complete Fun Package


  • Chalkboard with Chalk

  • Magnetic Board with Letter Magnets

  • Built-in Cabinet with Shelves

  • Table

  • Mailbox

  • Doorbell

  • Name Personalization

The Secret Passage


The Secret Passage is a hidden doorway concealed by a bookshelf. Our product testing division was entertained by this for the full 30 minutes they were given to evaluate it and gave it rave reviews! 

The Staircase


The Staircase is a convenient way to get up and down our two story play structures.


*This option is available for all elevated or two story playhouses or playsets.

Dutch Door Upgrade


The ultimate storybook cottage detail!  Our adorable Dutch Door features our same "no-pinch" construction in two pieces that can open together or separately.

Heart-Shaped Window


Just another adorable option to make your playhouse the stuff dreams are made of!

Decorative Playhouse Shutters


These adorable Shutters add "cuteness" to playhouses and playsets, alike! They're for looks only, not functional. 

Flower Box with Flowers
$80.00 each


Add a sweet flower box to the front window, or to all the windows on your playhouse, and enjoy growing a pretty little garden of your very own!

Custom Plexiglass Windows


Our Custom Plexiglass Windows* can be added to any playhouse.  The smaller windows, such as the door and gable windows, have stationary Plexiglass, and the larger windows have our Custom Plexiglass Window Sliders allowing them to be easily opened and closed.

*Please note that these are not real sealed windows.  They will keep out squirrels and cats, but not mosquitoes or other bugs!

Decorative Playhouse Chimney


Up the cute factor of any of our play structures with a Decorative Playhouse Chimney!

Other Playset Options to Consider...


We also offer other options such as:
  • Accessories and a variety of Slides
  • Custom Round Windows - Custom quote
  • Cedar Shake Roofing - Custom quote
  • Composite Flooring - Custom quote
Contact us for a custom quote!
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